On Saturday 18 November, the long-awaited moment arrived: the curtain went up on our new short documentary film “Wrocław/Breslau”!

After the premiere, I had a dialogue with the museum together with fellow traveller, DAH museum researcher Marie Grünter, as well as two of the film’s protagonists, Andrzej Holka and Bart Wieczorek, who also talked about the shooting and answered questions. The moderator was journalist and writer Mia Raben. The enthusiastic audience, together with some of the main characters and some of the film crew, rounded off the premiere with wine and Polish specialities such as pierogi and poppy seed cake. An incredible evening!

The film can be seen at the end of the exhibition at the Roxy cinema from the beginning of December 2023.

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Post-screening conversation

(Pictures ©Deutsches Auswandererhaus)