Opening of “Dithmarscher Landesmuseum”

On 27 September the regional museum in Dithmarschen was officially opened.
After making the final adjustments, I packed my bags and we travelled to Hamburg. A couple of days later, I traveled with my colleagues from the Andreas Heller Studio to Meldorf. The inauguration was opened by the authorities of Meldorf and Dithmarschen, and by the project architect Andreas Heller.
It was very exciting to see the finished work after three hard work years. I only worked for 6 months, but I kept an eye on the process during all this time.
15 videos in different formats and lengths can be seen permanently in the exhibition.

I was lucky enough to be able to experiment a bit with the narrative at the beginning of the project, and try out new ways of telling the story of this region. The result was amazing.
I am grateful for the messages and congratulations I received, as well as the good reception in Meldorf.